《The Danish Girl》Charity Screening

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In 1926 in Copenhagen, artist Einar Wegener is married to Gerda Wegener and is revered for landscape paintings. Their strong and loving marriage begins to change when Einar realizes inside lives her the true self Lili and soon she begins living her life as a woman. The couple’s marriage evolves – and not without strain. But again and again Gerda supports Lili during her journey as a transgender woman. Through the other, each of them finds the courage to be who they are at heart.

In reality, few transgender person have the courage to be themselves. Your support can make a huge difference.

Ticket price: $1,000, $500, $250
Online ticketing: tgr.bigcartel.com
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All proceeds excluding operational expenses will go to Transgender Resource Center

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HARiS 2015

Online Questionnaire


Target group:

  • First time fill in this questionnaire
  • Born as Male
  • Identify as Female
  • Having oral or anal sex with man before

Since 2013, HARiS (HIV and AIDS Response Indicator Survey) was established by the Department of Health as behavioural surveillance in Hong Kong for systematic collection of information on HIV-related risk behaviours in Transgender.

HARiS 2015 online questionnaire conduct in April 1 to June 30. Participation in HARiS 2015 is voluntary and no personal identifying information will be collected. To participate in this survey, you will be asked to complete a 5-minute questionnaire about demographic information, uptake of HIV testing and condom use. All information collected will be kept confidential and for overall analysis only.





Hong Kong LGBT Best Places To Work Guide 2015








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Transgender Community Survey

Transgender Community Survey


Transgender Resource Center is now conducting a "Transgender Community Survey" in an anonymous online survey questionnaire and individual data will not be disclosed. This program expect to collect 500 questionnaires and we hope you are able to support the work of TGR.

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